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Last updated: 15 May 2017

Rates include brokerage, and are based on the purchase price.

Bonds can be bought in multiples of 5,000, and then 1,000 onwards once the minimum 5,000 has been reached.

New Issues

PDFCompanyCouponMaturityMinimumCurrent YieldCredit RatingClosing DateNotes
Genesis Energy5.70% fixed for 5yrs$5,0005.70%BB+7 June 2017Subordinated Capital Note
Infratil - Reinvestment Offer5.65% & 6.15%5yrs & 8yrs$5,0005.65% & 6.15%N/A12 June 2017Senior Bond
Infratil - New Investor Offer5.65% & 6.15%5yrs & 8yrs$5,0005.65% & 6.15%Not rated23 June 2017Senior Bond
Goodman Property Trust4.50% - 4.60%31 May 2024$5,0004.50% - 4.60%BBB+26 May 2017Senior, Secured Bond


NZ Government Bonds

PDFCompany Call6 mths9 mths12 mths18 mths2 years3 years4 years5 yearsRating
NZ Govt Kiwibonds


Investment Selection Currently Available (prices are indicative and include brokerage)

Annual Interest Rate Reset Securities

PDFNameCouponMaturityPrice per 10,000YieldOther Information
Infratil Perpetual Bonds - IFTHA3.63% - Changes each year in NovPerpetual$6,363
Part owns Wellington Airport,Trustpower, Z Energy, Aus energy interests
Works Finance (NZ) Limited - WKSHA6.29% - Reset each year 15 June Perpetual$10,430
Taxed at 33%
Rabobank Nederland - RBOHA2.88% - Changes annually in OctoberPerpetual. Call date in 2017$9,898
Rated BBB
ASB Capital No.2 - ASBPB3.20% - Reset each year in MayPerpetual$8,310Rated BBB

Fixed rate, long term maturities

PDFNameCouponMaturityPrice per 10,000YieldOther Information
Kiwibank - KCFHA7.25% fixed until 27 May 2020Perpetual. Callable from 27/05/2020$10,555
Rated BB- Tier 1 Subordinated Notes
Quayside Holdings - QHLHA4.32% - fixed until 12/03/2020 - includes imputation creditsPerpetual. Callable from 12/03/2010$9,800
Supported by a put option to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council
Credit Agricole - CASHA5.04% fixed until 19/12/2017Perpetual. Callable from 19/12/2017$9,460
Rated BB. Subordinated. French bank.
Rabobank PIE - RCSHA8.3425% fixed until 18 June 2019 - PIEPerpetual. Callable from 2019$10,807
Rated BBB. Subordinated
ANZ Bank - ANBHB7.20% fixed until 25 May 2020Perpetual. Callable from 25 May 2020$10,430Rated BBB- Tier 1 Subordinated Notes
Mercury NZ - MCY0106.90% fixed until 11 July 201911/07/2044$10,5904.75%Rate BB+ Subordinated bond
Kiwibank - KCF0106.61% fixed until 15 July 201915/07/2024$10,5405.45%Rated BB Subordinated notes
BNZ Bank - BNZ0905.314% fixed until 17/12/202017/12/2025$10,3154.88%Rated BBB+ Subordinated notes
NZ Post Group Finance Ltd - NZP0106.35%15/11/2039$10,7704.80%
Genesis Power Ltd - GPLFA6.19% fixed until 15/07/201815/07/2041$10,320
SOE, Rated BB+, Subordinated.
Insurance Australia Group Ltd - IAGFB5.15%15/06/2043$10,150
BBB credit rating. Subordinated. Credit margin 2.60%
Trustpower Limited - TPW1606.75%15/09/2019$10,7004.50%Subordinated bond
ASB Bank - ABB0505.25% fixed until 15/12/202115/12/2026$10,2705.00%Rated BBB+. Subordinated notes
Infratil Limited - IFT2305.50%15/06/2024$10,0005.80%Senior Bond
Westpac Bank - WBC0104.695%01/09/2026$10,1304.80%Tier 2 Subordinated Note

Senior bonds, fixed maturity

PDFNameCouponMaturityPrice per 10,000YieldOther Information
Contact Energy - CEN0304.40%15 Nov 2021$10,4903.62%Rated BBB
Sky Network Television - SKT0206.25%31/03/2021$10,7204.70%Not rated. Senior bond
University of Canterbury - UOC0105.77%15/12/2019$10,7604.00%Senior bond.
Sky City Entertainment - SKC0404.65%28/09/2022$10,3904.15%Rated BBB-. Senior bond
Wellington International Airport - WIA0505.00%16/06/2025$10,245 (XI)4.70Senior Bond
Contact Energy - CEN0404.63%15/11/2022$10,4554.12%Senior Bond. Rated BBB
Chorus Ltd - CNU0104.12%06/05/2021$10,3003.85%Rated BBB. Senior bond
Meridian Energy - MEL0304.53%14/03/2023$10,4004.07%Senior Bonds
Fonterra - FCG0304.33%20/10/2021$10,3803.70%
Kiwi Property Group - KPG0204.00%07/09/2023$9,9404.40%Senior, Secured Bond
Wellington Airport - WIA0404.00%05/08/2024$9,8304.60%Senior Bonds
Trustpower - TPW1504.01%15/12/2022$9,9104.50%
Z Energy Ltd - ZEL0404.01%01/11/2024$9,9904.30%

Short term bonds

There are currently no Short term bonds.

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