Financial Advice

We help build self managed portfolios

Financial Advice

At Chris Lee & Partners Ltd, we specialise in building investment portfolios that align with your financial goals.
Our team of experienced advisers is committed to guiding you through your investment journey.

Wealth Management Service

Our Wealth Management Service is designed to provide comprehensive, proactive financial advice. It is our top-tier service, where the assets are held in custody, and we can help provide a complete wealth package. This all-inclusive service combines the best elements of our previous offerings into one cohesive package, ensuring you receive top-tier financial advice and management. Here's what our Wealth Management Service includes:

Comprehensive Financial Advice and Support

  • Full cash management support, including bank term deposits with all major banks.
  • Cashflow management, ensuring cash is paid regularly when you want it.
  • Full administrative support.
  • Personalised quarterly reports and confidential newsletters.
  • Real-time portfolio monitoring.
  • Opportunities for access to new investments.
  • Access to NZX & ASX listed securities and research articles.
  • Regular proactive advice with written quarterly portfolio reviews, considering current market conditions.
  • Comprehensive admin management including remittance advices, voting forms, holding statements, corporate actions, and annual reports.
  • Web portal access for real-time portfolio viewing.
  • Annual summary of cash flows and other information to aid in tax returns.

Our Wealth Management Service ensures you receive personalised, expert financial advice and management, tailored to your unique needs and goals, all under one comprehensive package.

Cost: 0.50% per annum of the portfolio's value, excluding cash.

Alternative Services:

Class Advice

Our Class Advice package is designed for investors seeking unrestricted access to our financial advice.
This service doesn't require a suitability analysis or risk tolerance assessment, however we do assist in creating an investment risk policy. Here's what you get:

  • Comprehensive financial advice and opinions in line with your investment policy
  • Personalised quarterly reports and confidential newsletters
  • Access to your portfolio and research articles on our Private Client Webpage
  • Real-time portfolio monitoring
  • Administrative assistance with investments, registries, off-market transfers, and more
  • Opportunities for access to most new investments
  • Access to all NZX & ASX listed securities
  • Sharing of our research and information
  • Free client appointments in your area

Personalised Advice

Our Personalised Advice package is for investors who prefer us to have a more hands-on approach with their portfolio. In additional to all the benefits of our Class Advice, this package offers:

  • Regular proactive advice with written quarterly portfolio reviews taking into account current market conditions
  • Financial advice based on an up-to-date understanding of your financial situation, investment goals, and risk tolerance
  • Suitability analysis, including annual risk tolerance assessments via a survey

Managed Portfolio Service - Price on request.

Our Managed Portfolio package is perfect for those investors who prefer to take a more passive role, while our team manages both the investment advice and administration. You'll enjoy all the benefits of the Class Advice package, along with:

  • Class advice on all new and existing investments
  • Full management of investment advice and administration, while you retain legal ownership and control of your investments, and continue to receive the income from them.
  • Investment portfolio creation and ideas
  • Comprehensive paperwork management, with all investment documents processed in our office (remittance advices, voting forms, holding statements, corporate actions, annual reports etc.)
  • Quarterly reports on your portfolio
  • Up-to-date asset listing
  • Web portal access for real-time portfolio view
  • Assistance during investment decisions
  • Proxy vote assignments to NZSA
  • Annual summary of cash flows and other information, aiding in tax returns

The cost for this service is not based on the value of the investments being managed but an estimate of the time required managing the portfolio. Payment is made each year in advance.


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