Broking Services

We buy and sell shares & bonds in New Zealand & Australia

Broking Services

Our firm provides broking services (buying and selling of shares and bonds) in New Zealand and Australia and aims to make the process as simple and cost-effective as possible.

Our brokers have access to live information on both the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges, including the depth and number of sellers/buyers currently in the market.

To Purchase Shares

We require your Common Shareholder Number (CSN) to place orders. If you do not have a CSN, our team will arrange one for you, based on the client information provided.

A CSN is a nine digit number unique to each individual investor. If you wish to invest in different entities (individual names, trusts, joint names, companies) then each entity would have its own CSN.

Payment for all purchases is required within two business days of the transaction being completed. CSNs may be recorded electronically in our database.

To sell existing shares

To sell existing shares we must be provided with the CSN and FIN (four digit number) for the investments being sold. A FIN is created at the same time as the CSN creation.

If the investment to be sold is an Australian investment then we would require the SRN number.

For all investments sales, we direct credit the funds to your nominated bank account two business days after the transaction is completed.

Brokerage Rates

Our firm charges standard market rates for brokerage. We do not charge a 'trade fee' and for small trades our minimum brokerage rate is $45 for NZ based investments.

Setting up a broking account

If you are not a client, and would like to set up a broking account, please see our new client pack on the link below:

New Client Information