Chris Lee & Partners

About Us

Chris Lee & Partners (CLP) provides financial advice and broking services (buying and selling of shares and bonds) to investors across New Zealand and has done so since 1985. The company was established by Chris Lee in Paraparaumu and currently has total funds under advice exceeding $1 billion.

We have five Authorised Financial Advisers (AFAs): Chris Lee, Michael Warrington, Kevin Gloag, David Colman and Edward Lee operating from Paraparaumu and Timaru plus regularly visiting most major towns/cities across NZ to meet new and existing clients. Business is easily transacted via email or phone. All new investors are welcome to contact us. We do not charge for consultations.

Philosophically we aim to help investors minimise their expenses relating to investment management. Our fees are low. The scale of fees charged by our competitors, usually as a percentage of wealth, are, in our view, excessive and thus cause a serious reduction to the net returns received by investors. Large fees also distort the return for risk outcome (too much risk to achieve a modest net return) and we are happy to share research and relevant data with clients. We have a low cost annual fee for our financial advisory services accessible as often as an investor likes, with no limits. We believe this is the most competitive pricing in the market.

We analyse investment opportunities and try to remain in regular contact with some of the directors or senior executives of the companies that we recommend. We consult with other relevant professional analysts for alternative opinions. Our advice is based on our belief that for most retired people security, liquidity and reliable regular income are more important than capital growth. Accordingly a large percentage of client money is invested in fixed income products such as bonds, capital notes, preference shares, bank deposits, property entities or mature companies with regular dividends. 

Our advice is based on knowledge, genuine experience with investing and close contact with capital markets. All advice will be honest and impartial. We fiercely maintain our non-aligned status, and we speak out against any industry practices that, in our opinion, are not in the best interest of investors.