Wealth Management Custody Service

Provides comprehensive, proactive financial advice

Wealth Management Custody Service

Our Wealth Management Service offers comprehensive, proactive financial advice. Assets are held in custody, providing a complete wealth package that combines financial advice and management into one cohesive service.

Our Wealth Management Service includes:

  • Comprehensive Financial Advice and Support
  • Full management of investment advice and administration.
  • Cash management support, including bank term deposits with most major banks.
  • Annual summary of cash flows and other information, aiding in tax returns.
  • Comprehensive admin/paperwork management, with all investment admin handled through us.
  • Cashflow management, ensuring cash is paid regularly when you want it, not when the company pays it.
  • Access to out full team of administrative support.
  • Personalised quarterly reports and confidential newsletters.
  • Real-time portfolio monitoring.
  • Opportunities for access to new investments.
  • Access to NZX & ASX listed securities and research articles.
  • Regular proactive advice with written quarterly portfolio reviews, considering current market conditions.
  • Comprehensive admin management including remittance advices, voting forms, holding statements, corporate actions, and annual reports.
  • Web portal access for real-time portfolio viewing.

Our Wealth Management Service ensures you receive personalised, expert financial advice and management, tailored to your unique needs and goals, all under one comprehensive package.


0.50% per annum of the portfolio's value, excluding cash.