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New Client Information

We offer a range of services to our clients, including a simple Broker Service (purchase and sale of shares and bonds) to various levels of financial advice. When opening an account you will be asked to choose what level of service best meets your needs (more detail below).

All clients are treated with respect and all clients are welcome to participate in any new investment offers.

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Step 1 of 3 - New client form

New Client Forms
New clients will need to complete the one page client form and supply the requisite supporting documentation. The forms can be found below:

1. New Client Form - Individual and Joint Investors
2. New Client Form - Trust
3. New Client Form – Company

Step 2 of 3 - Level of service required

Financial Advisory Services
For investors who would like to receive financial advice, we have three different service levels

1. Class Service - $595+GST p.a. for 12 months of financial advice
This service is for investors seeking Financial Advice without the suitability analysis and risk tolerance assessed

2. Personalised Service - $1,500+GST p.a.for 12 months of financial advice
This service is for investors seeking financial advice with suitability analysis and risk tolerance assessed (via a survey)

3. Portfolio Administration Service  - Price on request 
This service is for investors who prefer that we take care of all of the investment administration on their behalf.

Clients remain involved in the decision-making process and assets are still held in the client's name.

Any payments or dividends made throughout the year from the client’s investments are made directly to the client’s bank account.

Information from bank accounts is delivered to the investor, not to us.

We provide a web portal for clients of this service where they can view all of their investments. It provides detailed cash flow analysis from the investments, maturity dates of fixed interest investments, yields and current market pricing of the investment portfolio and can store information on any bank term deposits.

We provide a summary in May, every year, to allow clients to complete tax returns. This can be provided directly to your accountant.

For this service, Chris Lee & Partners would:
- Provide financial advice on all new investments
- Eliminate all paperwork from your environment by redirecting all of your investment documents through our office
- Collect and process all paperwork, remittance advices, payment slips, maturity letters and any other investment document relating to your investments
- Maintain an up to date list of known assets
- Provide a web portal for you to access 24/7 through our website to view your portfolio
- Record all cash flows during the year from the known assets
- Assist the client whenever decisions are required
- Submit all Proxy votes on the client's behalf when online voting is available
- Return each year's information to the client for the purposes of completing tax returns including an annual summary of cash flows

Broking Service - No Financial Advice
For investors who would like to buy and sell shares without needing financial advice

Broker Service – there is no annual fee for this service but does not provide access to financial advice
This service is used for those who wish to buy and sell shares, under instruction only, without financial advice.

Step 3 of 3 - View our Disclosure Statements

To view our Disclosure Statements please click on the links below:

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