How to become a client

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New Client Information

We offer clients three levels of financial advice. 

Read more about our advice levels here

Step 1 of 3 - New client form

New Client Forms
New clients will need to complete the one page client form and supply the requisite supporting documentation. The forms can be found below:

1. New Client Form - Individual and Joint Investors
2. New Client Form - Trust (please note we are currently not accepting Trusts as new clients)
3. New Client Form – Company (please note we are currently not accepting Companies as new clients)

Step 2 of 3 - Level of service required

Financial Advisory Services
For investors who would like to receive financial advice, we have three different service levels

1. Class Advice - $595+GST p.a. for 12 months of financial advice
2. Personalised Advice - $1,500+GST p.a. for 12 months of financial advice
3. Portfolio Management  - Price on request. Typically between $1,750 - $4,000+GST pa (which includes our Class Advice service)

Broking Service - No Financial Advice
This service is used for those who wish to buy and sell shares, under instruction only, without financial advice.

Broker Service

Step 3 of 3 - View our Disclosure Statements

To view our Disclosure Statements please click on the links below:

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Edward Lee
David Colman
Johnny Lee