Managed Portfolio Service

For investors who want to be more hands off and let our team of experts look after both the investment advice and the administration

Managed Portfolio Service

Our Managed Portfolio Service is offered to those investors who want to be more hands off and let our team of experts look after both the investment advice and the administration (remittance advices, voting forms, holding statements, corporate actions, annual reports etc.) of the investments.

 We would provide financial advice under our Class Advice service which means we would still require your final approval before we acted on any recommendations. We do not have discretion to make investment decisions on your behalf.

We do not take custody of your investments and you will remain the legal owner of the assets.

You will continue to receive the income from the investments, and you will continue to stay in control of your investments by remaining involved in the decision-making process, all whilst we look after the advice and administration side of things.

We provide a web portal to view your investments. It provides detailed risk and cash flow analysis, maturity profile analysis of any fixed interest investments, displays dividend yields and current market pricing and can store information on any bank term deposits, family loans, rental properties, kiwisaver information and/or managed funds.

We provide an annual summary in May to assist you to complete tax returns. This can be provided directly to your accountant.

For this service, Chris Lee & Partners would:

- Provide Class Advice on all new and existing investments
- Create an investment portfolio and/or provide investment ideas
- Eliminate all paperwork from your environment by redirecting all of your investment documents through our office where we will collect and process all paperwork, remittance advices, payment slips, maturity letters and any other investment document relating to your investments
- Provide you with quarterly reports on your portfolio
- Maintain an up-to-date list of known assets
- Provide a web portal for you to access any time through our website to view your portfolio
- Record all cash flows during the year from the known assets
- Assist the client whenever investment decisions are required
- Assign all Proxy votes to NZSA
- Return each year's information and an annual summary of cash flows, to the client for the purposes of completing tax returns


The cost for us to manage your portfolio is not based on the value of the investments being managed but rather an estimate of the time required managing the portfolio.

Payment is made each year in advance.