Portfolio Administration Service

For those investors who no longer wish to perform the administrative task with investing

Portfolio Administration Service

This service is for investors who prefer that we take care of all of the investment administration on their behalf. Clients remain involved in the decision-making process and assets are still held in the client's name.

Any payments or dividends made throughout the year from the client’s investments are made directly to the client’s bank account.

Information from bank accounts is delivered to the investor, not to us.

We provide a web portal for clients of this service where they can view all of their investments. It provides detailed cash flow analysis from the investments, maturity dates of fixed interest investments, yields and current market pricing of the investment portfolio and can store information on any bank term deposits.

We provide an annual summary in May each year so that the client can complete tax returns (probably involving an accountant).

For this service, Chris Lee & Partners would:

  • Provide financial advice on all new investments
  • Eliminate all paperwork from your environment by redirecting all of your investment documents through our office
  • Collect and process all paperwork, remittance advices, payment slips, maturity letters and any other investment document relating to your investments
  • Maintain an up to date list of known assets
  • Provide a web portal for you to access 24/7 through our website to view your portfolio
  • Record all cash flows during the year from the known assets
  • Assist the client whenever decisions are required
  • Submit all Proxy votes on the client's behalf when online voting is available
  • Return each year's information to the client for the purposes of completing tax returns including an annual summary of cash flows


The cost for us to administer your portfolio is not based on the value of the investments being administered but rather an estimate of the time required to administer the portfolio.

Our fee is very competitive. Please contact us for a quote if you are considering using this service.