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David Colman

  Financial Advisor

David Colman is a highly skilled professional who brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Since joining the firm in 2013, David has demonstrated his ability to excel in multiple areas of our operations.

With a solid background of 10 years running the dealing desk at ANZ Securities Ltd, David is well-equipped to assist clients with their broking and financial advisory needs. He is available to all clients, offering guidance and support across various types of investments. Additionally, David actively contributes to our research and analysis efforts, ensuring clients receive the most informed advice.

In addition to his financial expertise, David also takes charge of our estate sales, showcasing his capability to handle diverse responsibilities. Furthermore, he goes above and beyond for our personalised clients by providing quarterly reports that analyse their portfolios against their risk profile. This personalised approach ensures that clients receive tailored insights and recommendations to optimise their investments.

Clients can conveniently schedule appointments with David in Paraparaumu, the Hutt Valley, Palmerston North, Whanganui, and New Plymouth. His extensive experience, dedication to client success, and commitment to personalised service make him an invaluable asset to our firm.