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Chris Lee

Chris Lee
Michael Warrington
Kevin Gloag
David Colman
Edward Lee


14B Marine Parade
Paraparaumu Beach
Paraparaumu 5032

Po Box 1633
Paraparaumu Beach
Paraparaumu 5252

Ph: (04) 296-1023
Fax: (04) 296-1028


Ground Floor
24 George Street

Po Box 1
Timaru 7940

Ph: (03) 688-8700
Fax: (03) 688-8701


Level 15
171 Featherston Street

Ph: (027)-477-8474
Fax: (04) 296-1028

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About us
Chris Lee & Partners provides financial advice and broking services1 to investors across New Zealand and has done so since 1985. The company was established by Chris Lee in Paraparaumu and has a branch in Timaru and a day office in Wellington.
We philosophically aim to help self managed investors minimise their expenses relating to investment management, by gathering and communicating information and by offering opinion.
The scale of fees charged by our competitors, usually as a percentage of wealth, are, in our view, excessive and thus cause a serious deterioration to the net returns received by investors. In turn these large fees distort the return for risk outcome (too much risk to achieve a modest net return).
We regularly visit most major cities across New Zealand and try to meet all requests to meet new and existing clients outside of the main areas. Business is easily transacted via email or phone interaction.
Chris Lee & Partners is owned by interests associated with Chris Lee, Edward Lee, Michael Warrington and Kevin Gloag and in 2016 had total client funds under advice of more than $1 billion.

We have five Authorised Financial Advisers (AFA): Chris Lee, Mike Warrington, Kevin Gloag, David Colman and Edward Lee. Our Disclosure Statements are available upon request free of charge and were presented to you upon entering our website.

We analyse investment opportunities and try to remain in regular contact with the directors or senior executives of the companies that we recommend and maintain a wide network of other professionals in our information gathering endeavours.
Our advice is based on our belief that for most retired people, security, liquidity and reliable regular income are more important than capital growth. Accordingly a large percentage of client money is invested in fixed income products, such as bonds, capital notes, preference shares, debentures and bank deposits. we also use NZX listed shares for income puposes, and occasionally unlisted securities.
Given rapidly changing market conditions we urge clients to consult with us before making any investment. All new investors are welcome to contact us.
Chris Lee
Chris Lee, AFA, wrote a syndicated business column for 17 years, published in papers in different parts of New Zealand. Many of our clients are based away from Kapiti or Wellington. The column continues and is published on this website each Thursday night and is emailed to several thousand people who have requested it.

Chris Lee's knowledge and experience in fixed interest come from an eight-year stint in the New Zealand finance industry from 1977-1985, prior to Chris forming the current company. Chris was assistant general manager of General Finance Ltd and General Manager of General Bills Ltd, a merchant bank. These companies were ultimately sold to UDC in 1988.

Prior to working there, Chris spent three years in London, where he worked as an assistant financial controller, in Lonrho, a multi-national investment company.
Since 1987 Chris has been a trustee of Parkwood Trust, which is one of New Zealand’s largest and best retirement villages. Chris has been its chairman for many years. This is an unpaid position with a community trust in Waikanae.
Michael Warrington

Mike Warrington, AFA, joined Chris Lee & Partners Ltd in 2008 after a distinguished and seasoned career as a specialist in fixed interest markets.. Mike and his wife Marie, and their children, live in Wellington. He commutes to Kapiti and works Monday to Thursday.

Mike is available to all clients for all types of investments, assists in our research and analysis, is available for out-of-town visits and writes our Monday Market News email. 

Mike had 18 years as a senior broker with New Zealand’s leading sharebrokers, First NZ Capital, and four years with senior positions in Westpac and the ANZ. 
Mike Warrington visits Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton regularly, and other areas by arrangement. He is available for Wellington clients by arrangement. 
Kevin Gloag
Kevin Gloag, AFA, joined the firm in 2010 when we opened an office in Timaru. Kevin has had a long career in finance having previously worked for the BNZ and South Canterbury Finance and offers unquestioned integrity to our clients. He also had a stint as a professional rugby coach including three years as assistant coach of the Highlanders.

Kevin regularly visits Christchurch, Ashburton, Dunedin, Invercargill and Central Otago, plus other areas as required.
Edward Lee
Edward Lee, AFA, joined Chris Lee & Partners Ltd in 2006. Edward brings to our office international knowledge having extensively travelled the globe, having lived in Canada and having completed the Canadian Securities Course. Edward currently runs our Wellington Office and also works out of our main branch in Paraparaumu
Edward is available to meet clients in the Wellington region, the Wairarapa, Taupo, the Hawkes Bay, Nelson, Blenheim, Auckland and Christchurch.

David Colman
In 2013 we were joined by David Colman, an Authorised Financial Adviser, who spent 10 years running the dealing desk at ANZ Securities Ltd. David assists clients with their broking and financial advice needs.
David is available for appointments in Paraparaumu, the Hutt Valley, Palmerston North, Wanganui and New Plymouth.

Other Key Staff Members

Since August, 2016, our receptionist/secretary role has been performed by Sue McGee.
Penelope and Tania manage our communication hub, our database, and all back office functions. Brian Howman reconciles our trust account each week.

Giovanna Lee assists with all these functions in our Paraparaumu branch and Sonja Gloag assists in our Timaru branch.

About Us Continued

All client money is handled either through our audited trust account, (in the case of secondary market purchases) or directly to the companies in which clients invest. Our business charges brokerage for secondary market transactions at rates in line with other brokers. The rate reduces with large volumes and is shown on each contract note.

We do not currently charge for consultations, or for home visits and we are happy to share research and relevant data with clients. We have a low cost annual fee for financial advice (Class $391inc), (Personalised $867.50inc) and (Wholesale $391inc), as defined in the new Financial Advisers Act. Our annual fee for financial advice has no limits to how often you would like to contact us or ask for our advice. We believe that this is the most competitive pricing in the market and keeps us very busy.

We do not manage clients’ money but we do offer a portfolio administration service for clients unable to administer their investments. There is an additional fee for this service.

Our advice is based on knowledge, genuine experience in managing wealth and close contact with the fixed interest markets. Any advice will be honest and utterly impartial, we will fiercely maintain our non-aligned status, and we will speak out against any industry practices that are not in the best interest of investors, in our opinion.

And in amongst all this serious business, we will do our best to remember that life is definitely intended to be fun!

Disclosures as required by securities laws:

Formal disclosure statements (Primary and Secondary) are available from our office, on request, free of charge. 
All client money for secondary market transactions are processed through a separate, audited2, Trust Account (CJ Lee Trust Account), and thus is not inter-mingled with company money.

We disclose our financial holdings when necessary to avoid conflict of interest.
Chris discloses that his eldest son James Lee is the CEO of First NZ Capital, and his youngest son Jonathan is the Head Equity Dealer at ANZ Securities.

Any problems or disputes may be referred to Chris personally. We have a formal dispute resolution provider to assist if necessary.

Chris Lee & Partners Ltd
1We are a broker of securities such as shares, bonds, notes etc and we are not a member of any registered exchange

2 Our trust account is audited by Dennis Blank, auditor and accountant of Waikanae.
This work is Copyright © 2017 by Chris Lee & Partners Ltd. All rights are reserved. You may not copy, republish or distribute this page or the content from this site without having obtained written permission from the copyright owner.